DEANNA FOX is a descendant of a progressive-era female reporter, a Smoky Mountains moonshiner, and several generations of farmers; finds peace in the purple sunrise, pink sunset, and gently falling snow; thinks no sound is sweeter than her kids' laughter; believes a wee dram of whiskey, a fine cigar, and a chuckle with friends are better than any cold medicine or therapy session; loves the smell of clean babies, sundried linens, wood stoves, and old books; enjoys beer and bocce more than fancy-pants soirees; likes to pretend she's fluent in French and Italian; takes pride in growing her own food, being the best momma possible, and showing her love through cookies; and believes a hand-written note is better than any store-bought present.

DEANNA FOX does a lot of things, but most of them revolve around food and writing. She is the founder of Silly Goose Farm and Local Flavor, and also writes and contributes to the Times Union and From Scratch Club. She is also available for hire as a freelance copywriter and digital strategist. View her portfolio of work here.

DEANNA FOX is also a past board member for Catholic Charities Caregiver Support Services and The Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties.